What makes Passion Fruit an authentic ecolodge?

There is a growing number of educated and discerning clientele willing to spend their hollidays in places that offer a more authentic and coexistence commune with nature and culture. This is the concept of ecotourism & ecolodge.

An Ecolodge is characterized by:

  • Nature Friendly
  • Low impact Guest House construction
  • Nature based lodge  with a Tropical Paradise Style
  • Financially sustainable accommodation
  • Helps protect sensitive neighboring areas
  • Involves and helps benefit local communities
  • Offers tourists an interpretative and participatory experience
  • Provides a communion with nature and culture
  • The lodge is designed, constructed and operates in an environmentally and socially sensitive manner

What is Authentic Ecotourism?

It is defined by the International Ecotourism Society as responsible travel to areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

While green hotels and eco lodges are very similar, there is one distinct difference that sets the ecolodge apart from other accommodation types: location. An ecolodge can be found secluded deep within a natural setting, typically in a forest, or overlooking a mountain range, in order for the guest to truly connect with the surrounding wilderness.

An eco lodge also serves an educational purpose, helping its guests better understand the importance of preserving the local flora and fauna.

Some clients have defined Passion Fruit Lodge as the best ecolodge in Cahuita.